A Guy Can (Day) Dream…

I know that the general in question was hardly what you’d call a political liberal, but I’ve just spent a happy while in a reverie on what would have happened if George Patton had ever gotten ten minutes with Donald Trump into a windowless, sound proofed room.

I get that the real Patton might have been a Flynn analogue, but after the McCain POW diss, the “I know more than the generals” declaration, and above all, today’s “I’ve sacrificed” bathos, I’m going to stick with the notion that he would have left the Cheetos-faced ferret-topped shitgibbon* breathing through his colon.

In which happy imagining, I give you this, perhaps the most comprehensive scenery mastication in the history of film:

*Just the most satisfying phrase to say out loud.  Enunciate “shitgibbon” with exquisite clarity to get the full effect.

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2 Comments on “A Guy Can (Day) Dream…”

  1. J R in WV Says:

    Certainly, if Patton actually saw the Khan speech and interview and then saw Trump’s little sacrifice speech, he would have been willing and able to treat Trump as appropriate.

    Breathing through his colon? Yes, certainly. And I too like shitgibbon pretty well, although ferrets have quite short fur, so that isn’t what’s on Trump’s head. I don’t quite know what it could be, but I’ll let you know if I have a sudden inspiration.

  2. smirkpretty Says:

    shitGIbbon or shitgiBBON? Maybe SHITgibbon? I’ll need to practice to get this one just right.

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