Because Some Asshattery Needs Its Own Snark

I can’t help but love this story:

The [North Carolina] state GOP sent out a tweet Wednesday night saying it was “shameful” for Kaine to wear the flag of Honduras during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Kaine was, of course, wearing a Blue Star Service pin, which people wear to signal they’ve a family member on active duty during a war or a conflict.

Here’s a typical version:


To the wingnut mind, which is to say the Twitter account of the North Caroline GOP, this subtle and simple acknowledgement of pride and moment in a son’s service was the Honduran flag, and Kaine’s brazen display of that unAmerican allegiance was, and I quote, “shameful.”

To which I reply: Morans!

One additional note:  the Military Times article linked above contains an error.  It states that “North Carolina Republicans have apologized to Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine…”

Maybe so, but the only acknowledgement of their feckless, incompetent asshattery I’ve been able to find is a thank you to the person who pointed out what Kaine was actually wearing.  No contrition aimed at the nominee, his son, or the Democratic Party.

Which is to say that the NC GOP is not merely incompetent, feckless and having trouble peering through its own colon; they’re a bunch of ill-mannered boors whose parents should have (and maybe tried to) raise them better.

ETA:  as pointed out by valued commenters Hoodie, Omnes Omnibus, and in a prior thread Raven, the executive director of the state GOP did issue a clear apology to Tim Kaine and his family this afternoon.  So my dudgeon was accurate at the time I first read this story, and was superceded by the time I wrote my snark.  I regret that error — and exactly none of my disdain for the impulse that produced the initial last-refuge-of-scoundrelism.

TL:DR?  “Bless their hearts.”

Image:  from this catalogue.

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5 Comments on “Because Some Asshattery Needs Its Own Snark”

  1. mihipte Says:

    But it actually is similar to the Honduran flag; it has a blue star *in the exact middle*.

    • Panico Says:

      No excuses. Once more stupid people shoot from the hip to be as vile and offensive as possible.

      What went through their minds, to think a man running for the vice president of the United States would wear the lapel flag of a foreign country, who is not known to be Honduran?

      Five minutes on Google would have answered what he was wearing. But no, instead of using your brain, it is a lot easier to be stupid, and offensive, which is endemic in the GOP.

    • lb22 Says:

      The Honduran flag is five stars between two horizontal blue stripes. Go look at one and then come back and tell us how hard it is to tell them apart.

  2. lb22 Says:

    The other point is that there is apparently nobody in the NC GOP who has a family member in the military.

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