Signs of the apocalypse: lust for science edition

Just learned about the site (yeah, sure — ed.) in the context of Superbowl coverage and mancrush-ee Tom Brady (ranked ten).

Where’s the science in this?

Right here, bubba:

As the number seven most crushed man in history — our own

Charles Darwin. That’s ahead of Brady, of course, though well off the pace of number one, (JC, which should surprise no one).

My man Albert comes in at number thirty nine, behind Galileo and Pasteur in the scientists’ heat.

Much stupid fun here — with much that is hard to explain. I mean, Wierd Al Yankovich? At twenty six? Behind Homer Simpson?!

Update:  As of Monday, February 8, Charles Darwin has slipped a notch to number 8, pushed by Tom Brady’s leap from 10-3 — though after last night’s debacle, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Sage of Down  House rise up again.

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2 Comments on “Signs of the apocalypse: lust for science edition”

  1. Michelle S Says:

    Hey now, don’t go disparaging my buddy Al. It should surprise no one who knows me to hear that when I was younger (I’m not disclosing how much younger) I wanted to marry Weird Al. It was a very sad day for me when I found out he’d gotten hitched.

    I would definitely put him above Homer Simpson. Sheesh.

  2. Andrew M Says:

    In the wake of John Edwards’ campaign departure, there have been a number of stories today playing the violin for him and trying to determine why his candidacy faded away. But I’ll tell you the real story — it’s the fact that in 2004 he was the resident hunk in the Democratic race, and this year he fell to the number 2 man-crush in the hearts of voters everywhere, myself included.

    “Trail Head” on Slate said that Kerry’s Obama endorsement showed Edwards wasn’t the man he was in 2004, and I’m sure this is the reason why.

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