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Clowns to the Right of Me…

July 26, 2011

This does say it all, doesn’t it:

Exempting war spending — which goes untouched in Boehner’s plan — the legislation would reduce spending by only $5 billion next fiscal year. And its impact on the deficit is even less — a paltry $1 billion.

This provides occasion for yet another penetrating glimpse of the obvious:  the debt ceiling battle is not about the debt.  It’s about the Republican attempt to rob the middle class and the poor to feed the rich.

That the collateral damage will be the long term erosion of America’s capacity to create wealth and wield power is…acceptable, it seems.

Per Doug J and Krugman (and David Kurtz), you do have to ask:  what would it take to get the VSPs on cable to, you know, look at the actual numbers and who’s proposing what?

Meanwhile, back at the headquarters of the Party That Hates America™, Boehner’s claque of merry pranksters are trying to rewrite the bill to grab back a fig-leaf of deficit cutting respectability.

Which is to say, a bunch of economic illiterates are trying to make fiscal and social policy in hours and minutes that would, if enacted, have ramifications for a generation or more.

We are “governed” (sic-ed.) by feral children.  May the FSM envelop them all in cosmic cappellini.*

*String theory, you know.

Image: Paul Cezanne, Pierrot and Harlequin, 1888