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A self referential post, and thanks

February 20, 2008

The invaluable Bora over at A Blog Around the Clock has just done this blog the kindness of posting an online interview he conducted with me in the aftermath of the NC Science Blogging Conference.

He’s done the same for a lot of new and established bloggers who attended the conference. You can see all of the interviews here. It’s a great cross section of the science blogosphere, the hows and whys a very diverse group of people have gotten into this strange business.

All of which is to enable this shout-out. My thanks to Bora, not for his interest in what goes on at Inverse Square, but much more for what he does daily on his blog to build the kinds of connections that turn a gaggle into a community. It’s essential work, and he does it seemingly tirelessly, with grace and evident pleasure. I and everyone reading this are in his debt.

A Milestone…

February 18, 2008

…in the ongoing tribulations of old media.

Just past 10,000 page views today on this occasionally humble blog. Thanks to all. Keep coming, and when something strikes you right or wrong, stop a while and keep the argument going.

(The WordPress stat counter that does not, apparently, include RSS feed views — but redoubled thanks to all of you. May your tribe ever increase).

The blog has been going since early December, 2007. Over the next couple of weeks, it will compete for brain and keyboard space with the last seven or eight thousand words of my book on Isaac Newton as a cop/hanging prosecutor. But I promise something at least a bit substantive later today, and much more to come.

Thanks again — and stay tuned.

Image: F Train, Manhattan-bound, 17 May 2005 9:25am. Copyright Travis Ruse. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 license.