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PSA: Brown University has a real job for a media scholar

September 2, 2010

Just got this via the grapevine — a call for applications for a tenure track job in Brown’s Department of Modern Culture and Media.

It’s a more theory-ridden post than I like (I just make films and books; I don’t

“…critically engage the technological and theoretical transformations and media flows that are rapidly resituating all forms of media and social practices: from televisuality and new media to gaming, vidding, and social networking, from consumer culture and imagined communities to geopolitics and war.”

or at least not all at once, and never before breakfast.  I’m not sure if I could even find my way to televisuality (aisle 7, just past the New Coke, Bud) once they resituated it.

(I know, I know — easy snark and all that, but why not; it’s the start of term and one must rouse one’s spirits to the task by any means at hand.)

But still and all, strip away the jargon and it’s an important subject, a real job, and a good university, so if you or someone you love matches up well enough with the field, proceed past the jump and check out the details.

Image: “Woman teaching geometry to monks” from a translation of Euclid’s Elements attr. to Abelard of Bath.