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Open Lab 2009!

January 14, 2010

Now this was a nice bit of news to receive:

The list of posts selected for Open Lab 2009 — a collection of 50 exemplary science blog posts from the last year — was announced earlier this week, and on it you will find this post by your humble blogger.  It’s a look at the rhetorical debt Charles Darwin owes to Isaac Newton, and it’s pretty good, if I do say so as shouldn’t.

You can see the complete selection here.  It is great company in which to find oneself — kudos to all here represented — and my thanks to the heroic team of judges, led by Scicurious of Neurotopia, who worked through more than 700 pieces to reach this conclusion.

Illustration: Franz Eugen Köhler “Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis)” 1887.