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Friday Stuff: xkcd to the rescue

September 17, 2010

As I contemplate the contemplation of last year and next, with papers due by sundown tomorrow, no extensions, this old xkcd ‘toon struck me just right:

Happy Friday, all, and to those thus embarked, an easy fast.

Because I Can: You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving This/Truly Awesome Song-Video Combo

July 20, 2010

Driving back from the best low-tide beach on the North Shore on Sunday, (and no, it’s crowded enough and I ain’t going to tell), my son dozing in the back street, the radio on, and what should I hear to cast me back 30 years and more to Dr. Demento days back beside that perfect left coast bay?

Why this, of course:

You can thank me later.

Simple Pleasures for My Excessively Simple Mind

February 4, 2010

Just for fun, this: (N necessarily SFW, in a better wear headphones kind of way)

There are some things the British do better than anyone else, high/low intellectual comedy being one of them.

If you have my particular turn of mind, this is coke through the nose stuff.

(h/t Scav, at comment 19 in this surreal thread over at Balloon Juice.

What I Think About the Hour Before the Dentist Goes Medieval on my Gumline:

December 15, 2008

Deep scaling (don’t askWarning. Don’t click on that link.  Really gross image on the other side) to come at the disgustingly appropriate appointment time of 2:30 (my eight year-old liked that one).  So I digress, in any way I can.  I’m sure there are important matters of science and society to consider, but I’m thinking blood and molars, so it’ll all have to wait.

To that end, consider this piece of delightful Boston v. Los Angeles trash talk — from the LA Times, no less!:

The Celtics and Lakers can even be defined by their color analysts. Tom Heinsohn is a hulking beast who looks like a hitman. Mychal Thompson is from the Bahamas and wears sandals and puka shells.  Heinsohn is Tony Soprano, Thompson is Bob Marley.

If the Celtics had Laker Girls, they would be Janet Reno and Madeline Albright.

The Lakers are fast and fun and athletic and entertaining and pretty as can be.  I love the Lakers!  I say, to heck with the tacos!  Headbands for everyone!   Or free passes to Lamar’s favorite day spa.

Let them score 120, give up 110 and we can all all go home happy, without the angst.

As Paul McCartney was just telling me, Let It Be.

Think of it like this: The Celtics are Rottweilers, the Lakers French Poodles. The Celtics bite your arm off. The Lakers win Best in Show.

If the Celtics were a video game, they’d be Grand Theft Auto.  The Lakers are Tickle Me Elmo.

In movie terms, the Lakers are Paul Newman, the Celtics Charles Bronson. Newman made better movies, aesthetically he was the one you wanted to watch and paid to see.

Except of course that it was Bronson who kills everyone in the end.

— Ted Green