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How About A Little xkcd Haute Snark?

May 28, 2011

Honi soit qui mal y pense:

I got the heads up to this from John Sundman, a Twitter buddy, (@jsundmanus) who complains that it “is factually wrong; an astoundingly rare occurrence.”  Guess why.  (Sundman’s answer after the jump.)

“discussants are not holding beers.”

Because I’ve Got Too Much On Today to Blog Seriously…And I’m Feeling Spacey…And Did I Say That I Love You….

March 3, 2010

Can’t be an orbital kind of day without casting mind and ear back to tone deaf, (sic!) cult-hero, sonwriting/producing murderer-suicide Joe Meek* and this hit:

And just to make sure the weirdness gets its full run, consider this make-my-backbone-quiver, oh-my-fsm-I’m-back-in-Second-Grade-classroom-film-experience account of the machine that forged some untraceable synaptic connection to yield the song above:

*a)  You couldn’t make Meek’s story up, and b) perhaps not everyone’s mind thinks telecommunications satellites and the strange, strange world of London’s early ’60s music scene when they feel that wave of not-enough-coffee disorientation, but apparently I do.

Come on up for the Rising

November 5, 2008

Hard work is yet to be done.  But we’ve come on up a fair distance, and it’s worth looking out at that view, behind us and before.

More on Republicans Unclear on the Concept

September 30, 2008

Up from the comments on this post, another attempt to analyze the source of the House GOP caucus’s behavior in the current crisis.

I have to say, I had forgotten this scene, and I must now acknowledge its value in explaining our current predicament.

Not exactly yom ha’zikaron appropriate…but I will atone.

(Thanks, John).

Who’s Johnny? Brain Bubbles, John McCain/Julie Brown edition

September 25, 2008

This election remains absolutely vital.  I’ll post next on some of the background to the now mostly forgotten science debate that illustrates how significant the choice we face has become.  But as John McCain’s campaign has veered from strangeness to absurdity, I can’t resist the pull of the pure entertainment value of what has become a sustained exercise in dada politics.

Which is why the events of yesterday and this morning drew me back to the last time in pop culture someone asked the now vital question:  Who’s Johnny?