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Obama’s Nobel

October 10, 2009

All the obvious has been said already. I agree with John Cole:  it’s premature, but certainly not Obama’s fault.  And I find myself agreeing with Andrew Sullivan, as well (mirabile dictu — TL has something nice to say about an Atlantic blogger):  this prize bears witness to the enormous sense of relief that our friends and allies feel that the US is once again acting like a grown-up in its dealings with the rest of the world.

It is in fact a measure of the importance of the US in the world still that just nine months of sane leadership is enough to induce the kind of euphoria — and enough combined hope and hunger for the achievements really determined and smart governing could bring — to induce the Norwegians to deliver the prize.

My only complaint is the obvious one:  if not being George Bush is enough to elicit major props from the international community, I just want to point out that at 51 years old, I’ve not been George Bush for longer than Obama hasn’t.  How about a little Nobel love for that, boys?….;)

Image:  Mary E. Eaton, “Mountain Laurel (Kalmis latifolia L.)National Geographic Magazine, XXXI (June 1917), p. 503