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Pre-holiday housekeeping

August 1, 2008

As previously announced, I’m outta here for a few weeks. (You know the three best parts of an academic job: June, July, and August. Not that I’m happy about it or anything.)

I will be posting very occasionally, and my guest blogger, Michelle Sipics, will have at least one thing, and I hope more to say as the month unwinds.

But I’m going out into the world with the least possible computer I could find — one of these lovely little linux baby laptops that may be jumping the shark already, if mention in the NY Times is the death knell I think it may be for geek cool. (I’m pleased to say that I ordered mine the day before the Times piece ran. Out of such small triumphs is shaky self-esteem preserved).

However, as a life-long inverse-power user, this is my first brush with anything remotely Linux-oid. I read but I did not believe this, thus confirming my condemnation to tech purgatory.

Now everyone tells me I have nothing to fear. Almost everyone:

So — if I go silent from points foreign…you’ll know the reason why.

Update: Up from the comment thread:  this gets the inverse square seal of approval.