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August 31, 2010

What John Cole said.

Google bombing run to commence in 3…2…1…


Seriously — I’ve got an acct. w. Paypal, and while they have not done to me what they have done to John (memo to self — no debit cards from companies whose offices I can’t walk into), I smell the grasping hand for that last little bit of float in every transaction I make with them.

Image:  Guy Pène du Bois, “The Confidence Man,” c. 1919.

Precision in visual metaphors…

May 7, 2008

…John Cole’s got it.

Inverse Square tries hard not to be a political blog; my gig is connecting something of science — a story, an approach, maybe just a concept — to the public square.  So I won’t write today anything about yesterday’s elections.  There’s plenty out there, better and wittier and more comprehensive and all that.

But check out Cole’s picture; it truly does say what needs to be said as economically as you can imagine.

Then read the rest of the post.  It nails the central issue for next six months. If it isn’t Cole’s best work, it’ll do till something better comes along.

Carthago The contemporary GOP delenda est.

(h/t Mrs.  Small, my Latin teacher at Berkeley High back at the dawn of time.)

(In deference to the excellence of Cole’s art direction, I’ll break local style and give no picture here.)