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Stephen Fry Shows How It’s Done

October 16, 2013

Via BoingBoing, I came across a clip in which the Stephen Fry demonstrates how to get an idiot to hoist himself on his own petard:

Seriously.  Not only is this a beautiful sequence, one that can be admired (and dissected) purely for its documentary technique, it’s also a brilliant tutorial on the art of interviewing.  Look at how Fry permits his subject to give the viewer precisely what he or she needs to get the point — with never less than perfect politesse from Fry himself.  You could call it interlocutory murder — but there’s nary a scrap of blood on our Stephen’s hands.
A masterclass.

Students making good alert, or why the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT is teh awesome.

August 3, 2009

Writing in Popular Mechanics, 2007 MIT Grad program in science writing alumnus Andrew Moseman, has a fine piece up on the hit Jupiter (and the rest of us) didn’t see coming.

The piece earned a genuine internet accolade, front paging* (at least for now) on Huffington Post.

*I deem verbing a venial, not a mortal sin.

Image:  NASA IRTF image of Jupiter imapct.