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Because You Can Never Know Enough About Your Turkey’s Genome

November 24, 2010

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For your pre-Thanksgiving edification, I give you this delightful photo-feature on the genetics of tomorrow’s feast.

I’ll add just one note of unmerited self-satisfaction.  Emily Anthes, the writer of this piece, is an alumna of the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing — which I have the honor of directing.  She’s been doing great work since she left us (and before)  and it is part of my Thanksgiving Day treat to take pleasure in such outcomes.


So as not to be unseemly in this public space, I’ll just stop with the advice that you would be wise to keep an eye on Emily.

Image:  Pieter Claesz.“Still Life With Turkey Pie,” 1627

Missing details on a good book to come

December 20, 2007

I realize that in a post below, I forgot the crucial info.

Masha Gessen’s new book, Blood Matters, is coming in April from Harcourt. You can see the minimal catalogue copy here. I’ve just read it galleys, and it’s simply wonderful — a book that begins as memoir and then rides that story through to the complexity, human struggles with and implications of contemporary genetic medicine. This is what science writing can do when it is done right.

I’ll blog in more detail on the book nearer its pub date. Full disclosure: I have never met Gessen, nor have I read any of her other work, but she and I share both a publisher and an editor.