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The Arc Of History, Ireland Edition

May 23, 2015

Those of us of a certain age can only marvel at this photograph:

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.47.41 AM

There you have what was for a generation the face of the IRA — with all of its connections to Catholic Irish history — next to Panti Bliss, aka Rory O’Neill, who serves, semi-accidentally as a leading voice for Irish marriage equality and sex/gender equal rights — who stands next to Frances Fitzgerald, the Irish Republic’s Minister for Justice and Equality*.  To say this is not a juxtaposition that someone watching Irish politics in, say the 80s, would have been able to imagine is to understatement as Velveeta is to food.

All of which is to open up a thread to celebrate a real victory:  Ireland’s Yes vote on its same-sex marriage referendum.  It was barely more than two decades ago that Ireland decriminalized homosexuality.  Now this.  The arc of history bends towards justice…

I’ve no Irish descent in me anywhere; so let me just say thanks to those who voted in favor for making a huge public statement.

Next up, there, crucially, and more and more every day here:  the rights of women to control their own reproductive lives.

Over to you.

*Now there’s a cabinet title I endorse!

Update:  via the Guardian, this from Diarmuid Martin, archibishop of Dublin:

“This is a social revolution,” he told RTE Television. “The church has a huge task in front of it get its message across to young people … The church needs to do a reality check.”

Asked if the church was ill-equipped to deal with these issues, he said: “We tend to think of black and white but most of us live our lives in grey.” The church needed to use the result to harness the energy that has been unleashed in favour of equality for all, the archbishop added.

If the Catholic Church continues along lines suggested here by Martin and in a number of ways by the current Pope,this seems to this Jewish atheist to be an unequivocally good thing.

Update 2:  And the final numbers are in.

Yes:  1,201,607 — 62.07%

No:    734,300 — 37.93%

Peak Wingnut Is The Lying-est Lie Ever

June 11, 2014

Thought it couldn’t get worse/crazier than a unknown Randroid college “economist” knocking off the sitting majority leader?

Oh, no.  No. No. No. No.

There’s yet a Marianas Trench for these folks to dig.

Today’s case-in-point comes from the grea  batshit insane state of Oklahoma, where we meet this fine primate:

Tea Party state House candidate Scott Esk endorsed stoning gay people to death: “I think we would be totally in the right to do it,” he said in a Facebook post. Esk went on to add nuance to his position:

“That [stoning gay people to death] goes against some parts of libertarianism, I realize, and I’m largely libertarian, but ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death is very remiss.”

Never mind the deep ignorance of a key foundational story from the faith in which he claims to live:


Not to worry, though. Pressed on the subject, Mr. Esk allowed as he merely accepts such a course of action, rather than actively planning to work to put Oklahoma squarely into the 5th century. Before the Common Era.

I never said I would author legislation to put homosexuals to death, but I didn’t have a problem with it.  [from here, with many more gory details here]

Glad that’s clear.

Also clear: these people hate America.

They are ignorant of its history and have no connection to the essential principles on which a pluralistic, free society utterly depends.

They must not be allowed near the levers of power.  And they are the base of the Republican Party.

I leave the rest of the exercise to the reader.

Image: Lucas Cranach the Younger,  Christ and the Adultress, after 1532.