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Adventures in Diplomacy: UK-Vatican edition

April 24, 2010

Actually, there were some useful suggestions here.

Though on reflection, the memo in quesiton may be better read as the fastest “I think I may be more suited to a different line of work” composition since Kurt Vonnegut delivered his resignation note to his bosses at Sports Illustrated.

Image:  The sacrificial death of Marcus Curtius (1550/52) by Paolo Veronese

Credit Where Credit’s Due: Marc Ambinder edition

September 27, 2008

Readers of this blog know that I have taken off after the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder on regular occasions.  You can find a recent example a few posts below — but I’m not linking there because now I come to praise Marc, not to bury him.

This post on Obama’s argument last night that he and McCain advisor Henry Kissinger agree on talking to Iran — and McCain himself is on the wrong side of this question — is right on point, exactly the kind of thing you hope to read in a political blog.

It’s especially significant because Kissinger is out and about these days saying he supports McCain’s position, not Obama’s.

Marc does the research to show (a) that Kissinger’s assurance is exceptionally carefully worded — too clever by half, some might say — and (b) it thus succeeds in conveying a false impression, if it does not cross the line into overt falsehood.  Kissinger and Obama do agree on the basic idea, and, as Obama stated last night, McCain is the odd man out.

So, kudos to Marc.  Go read the post.

Update (great minds think alike division): DeLong, another frequent critic of Ambinder (and kind republisher of my complaints) more or less simultaneously praised the same piece that caught my eye.

Image:  Nicolas Gosse, “Napoleon I receiving  Baron Vincent, the Austrian Ambassador, at Erfurt, 1808,” 19th c.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.