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And Speaking of David Mamet….

November 18, 2008

A true story (or at least one too good to check):

My Uncle Dan (whom I’ve had sad occasion recently to write about in this venue) had a professional relationship with David Mamet — as his personal lawyer for matters including estate issues and similar stuff.

I don’t know any details, so I couldn’t violate attorney-client confidentiality if I wanted to (my uncle was more than rigorous about such matters), but he did tell me th is story about the time when he and an associate were drafting a new will for Mr. Mamet.  They bent to their task for a while, and then all of a sudden the associate looked up.  The dialogue as reconstructed is not guaranteed to be accurate.  But the sense is there:

Associate;  “This is David Mamet’s will.”

Dan:  “That’s right.”

A:  “Mamet.”

D:  “Yeah?”

A:  “So we can’t just say, ‘I David Mamet, being of sound mind and body.”

D: “So?”

A:  “How about this:

“So I’m dead.

Fuck you.”

Works for me.

Image:  Original painting by J. Northcode, R.A., engraved by P. Simon, “Last Scene of Romeo and Juliet.