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Blogrolling and other matters

February 25, 2008

I’ve been wholly remiss in my blogrolling. I’ve (a) not done enough of it and (b) haven’t raised any banners when I come across blogs I find exciting. Both tasks have been hors de combat as I try and try and try to push my Newton book out the door. (A week left? Two? — can’t be much more, as both my English and my American editors are sending out the St. Bernards.)

So I plan both to get a bit more aggressive in finding and flagging blogs and to work backwards over my existing list to highlight good stuff over time. But so as not to fall further behind, let me just point to those folks I added today.

I’ve had lots of occasions to point to and thank A Blog Around The Clock lately. ‘Clock nurtures science blogging around the web — certainly here. It is a good place to go for anyone interested in Bora’s speciality, chronobiology. But most of all the blog provides a witty and astonishingly broad overview of what’s interesting right now in the science blogosphere.

Terra Sigillata records the thoughts, knowledge and deeds of one Abel Pharmboy, a pharmacologist of very wide interest. He is also already one of the giants of the self-revelatory side of the blogosphere, fresh off his latest triumph, liveblogging his own vasectomy…I suppose I should stop there, as I’m not sure what one can add to that, except to say that Abel is an expert and passionate observer of the world of drugs and health, and he is as well a skilled analyst of the wider world of science and its discontents.

Elizabeth Pisani writes about HIV in both the developed and developing worlds, sex, sexuality, culture, politics, hypocrisy and just about anything else that catches her eye at The Wisdom of Whores. She’s a great blogger, expert in her field, on the front lines (she is based in Indonesia), angry, and a very good writer. She is one of those invaluable reporters who has managed to turn her rage at the misgovernment of our times — and the human suffering it causes — into vivid, powerful sentences. Plus, she’s funny.

There are a lot more to come — the folks I met at the NC Science Blogging Conference in January gave me a couple of dozen blogs, at least, that I am trying to keep up with, a few that I’ve blogrolled quietlya already. More good stuff turns up every day, as I’m sure those reading this know. But while I labor, tortoise like, to catch up on all this, one shout-out to those folks who have been calling attention to Inverse Square. John Dupuis, who writes Confessions of a Science Librarian, was one of the bloggers interviewed the A Blog Around The Clock as part of Bora’s ongoing series highlighting science bloggers. He pointed out that a number of those interviewed have listed Inverse Square as a place to go — and that I owe a lot of beers come next January. This is true. Proper and particular acknowledgment to come, but for now — thanks to all.

Image: Thomas Eakins, “The Writing Master” 1882. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A self referential post, and thanks

February 20, 2008

The invaluable Bora over at A Blog Around the Clock has just done this blog the kindness of posting an online interview he conducted with me in the aftermath of the NC Science Blogging Conference.

He’s done the same for a lot of new and established bloggers who attended the conference. You can see all of the interviews here. It’s a great cross section of the science blogosphere, the hows and whys a very diverse group of people have gotten into this strange business.

All of which is to enable this shout-out. My thanks to Bora, not for his interest in what goes on at Inverse Square, but much more for what he does daily on his blog to build the kinds of connections that turn a gaggle into a community. It’s essential work, and he does it seemingly tirelessly, with grace and evident pleasure. I and everyone reading this are in his debt.