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A bit more blogrolling, and Newton and the Counterfeiter’s latest notice

July 14, 2009

More self aggrandizement, and a pointer.  PhiloBiblos aka Jeremy Dibbell has just posted a very nice brief review of Newton and the Counterfeiter (AmazonPowellsBarnes and NobleIndiebound) at his book-loving blog, now to be found on the blogroll at left.

Key quote:

It’s the kind of story that would make a good novel, but which written by the right person works even better as history.

Touring through Dibbell’s other posts, I found many delights, including this one which pointed me here, which then led to Thomas Jefferson’s reading list…which forced me to add  J. L. Bell’s Boston 1775 to my blogroll.  Bell writes on the roots of the American Revolution in my current meatspace domicile, aka the Hub of the Universe, Athens of America, Somerville’s neighbor….Boston.

Beware of PhiloBiblos, by the way.  Too many juicy links…which provides me an excuse for a second hit of xkcd in a single day:

You have been warned.

More Mental Health — we all need an xkcd hit from time to time

September 28, 2008

Just substitute blog post for youtube, and you get my terror at this latest observation from xkcd:

Saturday Math/Funk Unification post

September 6, 2008

Because of this

…I get to post this: