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Time for the Seasonal Stylings of America’s Favorite Singing Statistician, Wouldn’t You Say?

December 20, 2011

From the vocal chords of one Professor T. Lehrer, this celebration of Chanukah.  (Embedding is disabled, but you can cross that link for an…interesting aesthetic experience.)

And, just to provide some more direct stimulus — here’s an old favorite that popped up on my radio this morning.  Nothing seasonal about it, but still, a good time will be had by all:

What would you want an archaeologist 5,000 years from now to find all tangled up in your bony hands?

Because I am a Kind Man…

December 12, 2011

…And wish only the best for you all, may I present the Honorable Rick Perry, Governor of the Great (Secessionist) State of Texas, tragically mistaken in his quest for the nearest ZZ Top venue.  (The really good stuff starts around 4:45)

My thanks to Marc Abrahams, best known as the impressario of the IgNobels and the Annals of Improbable Research, for turning me on to this forgotten gem.

(To be fair:  Perry does his job just fine here.  Governating puts all kinds of demands on one’s sense of the surreal, and the man with the hair holds up pretty well.  But still.  It really is a moment of high-camp absurdity.)

This Just Might Make Me Turn Zoroastrian

December 9, 2009

Via TPM:  Orrin Hatch writes and performs a Chanukah song.

The lyrics:

A small band of people led the way,
Through the darkest night they prayed.
Seeking religious freedom,
Did more than just survive.
They defeated a mighty empire,
Free to believe.
Just the way they wanted to,
It made history.

OMG — or OMFSM, for that matter.

To steal a line from a  religion different from that to which I was raised:  Tin Pan Alley, Tin Pan Alley….Why hast thou forsaken me?)

(And what’s up w. the GOP dissing Jews again?  Via Atrios, this, from The Washington Monthly.

So Chanukah don’t rate?  Feh.  I’ll stay Jewish and a Democrat just to spite Norman Podhoretz.)

Image:  Harold Arlen and George Gershwin composing a song, 1934.