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Brain Candy — Ex Tagger Art as Performance, Big Al edition.

August 11, 2010

Visiting friends now, just before I head off to my mountain internet-less fastness.

Last night I got to talking with the eighteen year old in the house, who has been doing remarkable work with at-risk kids in his community* and he showed me this video taken at the big inspirational conference his organization put on to connect with the community with whom they engage.

For reasons that are probably obvious to regulars here, it connected with me.


*word from the street:  marijuana is the easiest abusable substance to get, and causes few problems; alcohol is only slightly more difficult for underage drinkers to acquire, but causes many, many problems. California voters this November might want to take note.

Brain Candy: Redundant Reposting Edition, But Who Cares Anyway: It’s the Standing Cat, Dude.

April 11, 2010

Caught this through BoingBoing, to which I’ve only recently returned (not that I left, really, just stop checking due to the LifeIsTooShort bug).

That, plus the million-five and counting YouTube views suggests that everyone on the intertubes has already seen this.  But it made me smile while grading papers, and that’s some feat, so on the off chance you haven’t seen it yet….

Ladies and Gentleman (Ladles and Jellyspoons!), let me present:

Because I Love You All, More Brain Candy Edition: Santana Meets Tuvan Throat Singing Edition

February 24, 2010

One of the things I love most about MIT is the odd nooks and crannies of knowledge one’s colleagues can lead you to at any moment.

Case in point…thanks to the documentarian and social historian Vivek Bald, one of my colleagues in MIT’s Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies (a small but valiant band of brothers and sisters that punches way above its weight, artistic/aesthetic/scholarly speaking), I now know about this:


Update: per Bingo’s comment below, Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” is a cover too, of course, which I would have remembered if I were not from childhood blinded by my Bay Area upbringing, at just the time when Santana’s sound was first ringing through town.  Peter Green wrote the song, of course, and it was originally recorded by the what was then the band with which he played:  the Ur version of Fleetwood Mac.  So, as a couple of bonus tunes, here’s Peter Green and Santana together on the piece:

And here’s Green himself, back in the day: