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Program Notes: MIT Symposium Jan 22-24

January 14, 2009

A broad look at Darwin and the implications of the ideas he set in motion will be taking place at MIT next week.

The program looks great; it begins at the beginning, with a session on the origins of the physical substrate on which biological origins would take place, working through Darwin’s contribution, specific milestones in the development of  the modern reconstruction of evolutionary history, and moving through current and past science-and-society issues thrown up over the last 150 years.

All this conveyed through a strong slate of speakers.  In other words, its worth what time you can spare, should you happen to be somewhere near the 02139 zip code next week.

You can register here (scroll down to the bottom of the program).  The conference is free and open to the public, but registration is requested.

Image:  Michaelangelo, The Sistene Chapel Ceiling “Dividing Water From Heaven,” 1509

Programming note: good science on the radio

January 17, 2008

Highly recommended:  Tom Ashbrook’s interview/call in w. University of Chicago paleontologist Neil Shubin.  It was just broadcast and the online version won’t be available until 3:30 EST, but you can go here to get the blurb and, later, the thing itself.

Shubin is smart, clear, engaging.  Best line I heard:  (paraphrase):  If  Mike Huckabee’s worried about apes he’s got bigger problems — the fish, the worms and the jellyfish.


PS:  Shubin’s got a new book out:  Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body.  I intend to it add to the pile.  Expected review date — sometime this millenium.

Image:  Henry de la Beche, “Duria Antiquior” 1830.  The painting, by a geologist, was inspired by fossils found in Dorset by Mary Anning.  Source:  Wikipedia Commons.