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Curse You Carl Zimmer: Vicious Distraction Edition

August 27, 2010

So, a day or so ago Carl Zimmer tweets the existence of the Netflix iPhone app, boasting of the loss of his productivity.

A Trojan horse if there ever was one.

What a way to clear out potential writing competition.

Downloaded the app today.

Found myself watching episode one of the first season of Miami Vice.

I am fail.

Curse you, Carl Zimmer!

May the mosquito of vengeance hum in your ear from now to the time of the first better than break even human made fusion reactor. (Twenty years off since 1960 and counting.)

Image:  Robert Duncanson, “Blue Hole, Little Miami River” 1851 — and yeah, I know about which Miami it is.  Sometimes you gotta stretch.

A Little Mud Slinging (Zoology Section) Whilst Working on the Next Burst of Outrage.

July 27, 2010

The soundtrack from my youth:

Much that was obscure about my personality defects is now explained, no doubt.

See y’all tomorrow.

Video wonderfulness of the Day: Jane Austen…Blood, Guts, No Corsets Edition

July 24, 2010

Via the often imitated, never equalled Jen Luc Piquant (nom de blog of this Author), this reinterpretation of my most re-read novelist:

See.  I still love you.

Because I Can: You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving This/Truly Awesome Song-Video Combo

July 20, 2010

Driving back from the best low-tide beach on the North Shore on Sunday, (and no, it’s crowded enough and I ain’t going to tell), my son dozing in the back street, the radio on, and what should I hear to cast me back 30 years and more to Dr. Demento days back beside that perfect left coast bay?

Why this, of course:

You can thank me later.

Sublime to … I don’t know quite how to characterize this one

July 15, 2010

After yesterday’s Woody fest, I really shouldn’t do this, but outsourced entirely to someone with whom I dare not enter into a weirdness duel, check out Tintin’s malicious cruelty in the dissemination of perhaps the most grotesque ever attempt at pop profundity.

I know that’s going a bit, but still…consider the lyric that Tintin had the evil pleasure of highlighting:

What for are we losing?
Only Mr God knows why
But his phone today is out of range

I listened carefully, and yes she does utter those words — but my personal highlight comes with the singing washerwomen (not to mention the prancing accordianist, which practice is, I  believe, governed by the Geneva Convention.)

Enjoy at your own risk.

Brain Candy: Redundant Reposting Edition, But Who Cares Anyway: It’s the Standing Cat, Dude.

April 11, 2010

Caught this through BoingBoing, to which I’ve only recently returned (not that I left, really, just stop checking due to the LifeIsTooShort bug).

That, plus the million-five and counting YouTube views suggests that everyone on the intertubes has already seen this.  But it made me smile while grading papers, and that’s some feat, so on the off chance you haven’t seen it yet….

Ladies and Gentleman (Ladles and Jellyspoons!), let me present:

In Honour of Burns Day: more than orthography edition

January 25, 2010

For all my friends (and I have some!) (really — ed?) who plan to celebrate tonight by eating the inner organs of beasts,* (or rather, one organ from one species) irrigated with the distilled essence of barley, this:

And if you really want to go to the grotesquerie end of the scale, consider this early work of that latter day poet, M. Python.

Science and politics are always with us, and shall be blogged anon.  But on this glorious occasion, and a Monday, no less, perhaps a drift into the possibilities of the surreal inherent in Highlands, whiskey and an ever contentious history may ease our way into the week.

I’m thinking today should be the day I lash out for a bottle of Lagavulin.  Wotcha think?

*Warning! Celtic convergence alert, to the undoubted annoyance of both parties.

Image:  Robert Scott Duncanson, “Scottish Landscape,” 1871.