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Deep Thought: Red Sox edition

September 23, 2008

Love That Dirty Water is a damn good audio victory cigar.

Dem Sox back in the playoffs.

I know —  the rest of you are tired of Boston sports teams, Red Sox Nation, and all that.  What can I say?  I needed something to wash the taste of this* out of my mouth.  I suppose I’ll force myself to blog it, but for a moment, this is much more fun.

*If there were a Hall of Fame for stupid, its author would be a first ballot, unanimous selection.  Just sayin.

Mental Health Break: As Duncan Black would say, a Deep Thought…

September 9, 2008

While we wait for the LHC to End Life As We Know It (tm), let my just say:

LIfe is always better when your guy hits a home run. Jason Bay –2 run HR. Red Sox lead 4-3.

This post is a risk, given that we’ve onlly finished the eighth.

Update: Dan Johnson homers off Papelbon. Tied 4-4.  It’s my fault.

Update II: I should’a stood in bed.