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A Bold Prediction

October 2, 2008

That confab they’re having right now in Missouri?

My guess at this point is that it is shaping up to be a much-hyped non-event.  Those that think Palin is a competent, engaging, just-like-them valid candidate for the job of waiting for the guy with his hands on the codes to die will continue to think so.  She does not display the lost waif in the woods look of her Couric interviews, she is composed, and for some that will be enough.

The rest of us, living in Realistan, will see her as a perfectlly artful dodger, (I’m not here to answer your questions, just to say what I’ve memorized)  and get back to the main act:  where we get to decide whether we want the man who would put such a person so close to the nuclear trigger — or the guy who actually seems to think before he speaks and acts.

Sound and fury, in other words, signifying a whole lot of nothing.

Then again — I thought the Patriots would take the Giants by two TDs +.