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Guest Post: Michelle Sipics on Air Force Woo, Military Suicide and the Importance of Thinking Straight

February 4, 2009

Please feast your eyes and minds on another very sharp post from guest blogger (and graduate of the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing) Michelle Sipics.  As always Michelle suffers no fools gladly: **** After an unintentional but undeniably long hiatus, I am back at Inverse Square. My thanks to Tom for not holding my […]

Guest Post: Michelle Sipics on the limits to private sector R and D

August 10, 2008

Guest blogger and my former student Michelle Sipics is back with another post centered on her major area of interest — mental health, and especially the intersection of mental health inquiry and treatment and the care and well-being of the elderly. It’s a crucial topic, IMHO, and it is one that does not get the […]

Guest Post: Michelle Sipics on Trouble in the Zoo…

June 19, 2008

With this post Inverse Square launches what I hope will be an expanding part of its repertory. The goal of this blog is to probe the intersection of science and public and daily life. That’s a big beat, the biggest — and it is much more than any one person could hope to cover. So […]

Republicans Unclear on the Concept.

September 29, 2008

“Partisan!” “You keep using that word?” “I do not think it means what you think it means.” Read Pelosi’s offending speech for yourself and tell me that this is too much for grown men and women to bear. Fools and knaves. Update: dialogue fixed thanks to commenter and occasional guest blogger (more please) Michelle Sipics.

Pre-holiday housekeeping

August 1, 2008

As previously announced, I’m outta here for a few weeks. (You know the three best parts of an academic job: June, July, and August. Not that I’m happy about it or anything.) I will be posting very occasionally, and my guest blogger, Michelle Sipics, will have at least one thing, and I hope more to […]

The Latest Must-Have from the Wizards of Cupertino

January 31, 2008

Serious stuff later — but I opened my morning e-mail to find a note from a former student linking to this: Hey — if Porsche can brand a hard disk, this seems like the next logical step into consumer hell. (h/t Michelle)