All You Need To Know About Paul Ryan


…the speaker is torn between his personal feelings about the tape showing Donald Trump discussing grabbing women by the genitals and his desire to preserve the historic GOP majority in the House of Representatives.

My reaction:

A) Profile in Courage.


B) Put his picture in the dictionary next to “Party Before Country”

I have many dreams about this election. One that is very unlikely — but less so than a week ago — is that the GOP loses the House, and Ryan loses his seat.

A boy can dream, can’t he?

Image:Éduoard Manet, The Rabbit 1866.

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3 Comments on “All You Need To Know About Paul Ryan”

  1. mihipte Says:

    While I disagree with his decision, I propose that it might just as well be described as “long-term over short-term.” Ryan apparently doesn’t perceive Drumpf as a dire threat, and is playing the long game in hopes of picking up the pieces after the nincompoop is off the stage. (I think Drumpf at least aspires to be a threat, and I don’t want to take the chance.)

    Bernie supporters who didn’t shift to Hillary can be described in the same two ways, except their “party” is not the establishment. I don’t think it reflects poorly on their character, even though I disagree.

    I think it’s necessary for the GOP to be dissolved ASAP because of Drumpf, but Ryan would be a constructive member of its successor. Regardless of your party affiliation, it’s important to have honorable people on the other side and to recognize them.

  2. william Says:

    Paul Ryan doesn’t deserve Manet. R Crumb, perhaps.

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