Some Happy News


Former President Jimmy Carter announced Sunday that his brain cancer is gone, NBC News reported.

Carter, 91, said an MRI earlier this week revealed the good news, which he broke to a Sunday school class he teaches in his home state of Georgia, according to NBC News.


Not even remotely a cancer doc, me, but I do know that while a clear scan does not mean one is cancer free forever — it sure as hell is better news than the alternative.

Jimmy Carter is a great human being, the best ex-President in history (and much maligned, and under-valued in his presidency as well, IMHO).  It has to count as very good news to know we’ll have him on the planet with us longer than might have been expected after the news of the summer.

Image: Masolino, The Healing of Tabitha, c. 1420s.

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3 Comments on “Some Happy News”

  1. chris y Says:

    Since nobody else wants to comment, I will go on record as being delighted by this. Carter may not have been by any stretch a good President, but he was better than most (it’s a low bar), and he is the best human being to hold that office since Lincoln, AFAICS.

    • Tom Says:

      I think he was a better President than the mythology the GOP has laid down since…but you’re absolutely right that he is an extraordinary human being.

  2. tumi store Says:

    Actually, there are somebody like to leave comment here. 🙂

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