As The WarCons Reunite, Let Us Trip Down Memory Lane

Twelve years ago today, Donald Rumsfeld composed this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.37.26 AM

(h/t Rob Golan-Vilella)

As the entire Republican party brays for war in Syria, Iran, Ukraine, wherever next…remember:  their reunion tour will make us long for Nickleback.

That bad.

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2 Comments on “As The WarCons Reunite, Let Us Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. but, according to those who tout war, it cures all the world’s ills! Besides, all they can see are the dollar signs in their eyes as they plan to sell the earth piece by piece with the deaths of innocence and soldiers.

    Never mind that it doesn’t matter how many people you’ve murdered in a war, they still didn’t convert to your way of thinking—whether it was the corporate greed, the pseudo-religious crap you like to feed as your version of “religion” whether it be Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. Hell. sometimes you wonder if it isn’t wiser just to convert to Buddhism. How many Buddhists have you ever heard of promoting war? (sarcasm intended, but it is a valid point.)

    Every religion touts itself as peaceful, yet the followers are the most violent and hateful, almost vengeful, in the world. those from the outside are the most fanatical and radical, almost to the point of being insane…if not actually insane.

    Touting fundamentals, they stray from the true fundamentals for their interpretations of “Holy” words. No one is worse at this than those who preach greed in the name of religion. They hate because they see a threat. They wage war because they cannot seem to lie outside the “western” ideal (really it is the human failing) of greed. No, I do not believe it inherently to be a western philosophy, for IS has already proven that they abide by the same principles that they preach against, as do the current ultra “religious” right.
    And so, they desire to wage war. the violent, but futile, attempt to convert through submission and the threat of death, those who have balls enough to stand up and oppose their views.

  2. mihipte Says:

    Don’t pretend the Democrats are offering anything significantly different with regard to foreign policy.

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