Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican: Economic Stewardship edition

From Forbes (sic!) this analysis of President Obama’s economic record as compared with Saint Ronaldus of Reagan:

Economically, President Obama’s administration has outperformed President Reagan’s in all commonly watched categories.


Simultaneously the current administration has reduced the deficit, which skyrocketed under Reagan.  Additionally, Obama has reduced federal employment, which grew under Reagan (especially when including military personnel,) and truly delivered a “smaller government.”  Additionally, the current administration has kept inflation low, even during extreme international upheaval, failure of foreign economies (Greece) and a dramatic slowdown in the European economy.

That’s from Forbes contributor Adam Hartung, a business development and consultant kind of guy — i.e., no raging, card-carrying taker.  The whole piece is worth a look.

When you’ve lost Forbes…*

*which they haven’t, really — one drive by piece doth not an editorial campaign make.

Preston Dickinson, Factoryc. 1920

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4 Comments on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican: Economic Stewardship edition”

  1. everybody knows that Reagan was a puppet. just listen to his speeches again. Even when I was a kid, I could see that there was always someone else pulling the strings. Yes, Reagan gave great speeches. No, Reagan was not the great peacemaker everyone made him out to be. No, he was not a wonderful president. And, in the end, he did nothing for this country. Neither did the other two Republicans after him.

  2. David Says:

    Reagan was a B-movie “star” (the monkey got higher praises than he did) and an acting-president (Nancy pulling all the strings) but that won’t change the mean-spirted, alabaster Repubs from foaming at the mouth because there’s a blackman in the whitehouse.

  3. Ms. L.B. Says:

    Everything happening today can be placed at the feet of Reagan. Everything.

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