I Got Nothing…

…I can imagine saying to this:

“There’s necessarily no reason to open carry,” he said. “Rosa Parks didn’t really need to sit where she did.”

That’s the owner of that Beaumont, TX gun shop that sent out a signboard guy wearing a banana suit who happened to be open-carrrying an AK-47.*


I get it.

Actually, I don’t.

Wondering around the streets with a high-powered rifle is just like refusing to accept the explicit tyranny of the Jim Crow south….



WTF do you do with that?

I got nothing.

*The idea behind the banana costume, by the way, “was so he would look less alarming.”

Ponder that for a moment.

Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but if I saw some guy in a bright yellow cone-topped costume out on the street, gesticulating with an assault rifle to hand, I’d find that…

…a tad perturbing.

Just me, I suppose.

Image:  Dezső Czigány, Still-life with Bananas, Oranges and Fishesc. 1910

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3 Comments on “I Got Nothing…”

  1. Greg Laden Says:

    I know someone who is actually, no kidding, terrified of bananas. It is a legitimate phobia that causes real fear. His “friends” traditionally dress up as bananas for Halloween. So, there’s that.

  2. Think of it as an objet trouvé. Once you’ve got the banana suit, and that amazing picture, why should you have to add any words of your own at all? You’ve already achieved blog perfection.

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