George Carlin. Prophet. Sage…

Here’s Carlin* on the current impasse.

And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute of Pancakes: It reads, and I quote, “Fuck waffles.”


How do we know that if God does exist She had her sense of humor amputated?  Carlin’s dead while Dennis Miller yet lives.

*Number 70 on that list of comedy gold.

Image:  Pieter Cornelisz van Slingelandt, Breakfast of a Young Man, before 1691.

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2 Comments on “George Carlin. Prophet. Sage…”

  1. Dave Gregoire Says:

    I’d have entered Carlin gem #2: “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” There are a couple of gems that even more cynical and that I really, really enjoy, but I don’t want to admit it to the NSC…

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