Mellowing Your Harsh (Or: The ’70s Represent!)

Digging away on that start-of-term mountain, grazing through Youtube for the background vibe, and I chanced upon this:

You’re welcome.

(BTW: I particularly love it when Bonnie asks “can you play a D?” In my head, Lowell George is thinking “Can I? A D?…

“…With my toes. In a coma. Next.”)

Listen to the whole session here. (I am as I post this.)

If you’ve a mind to comment, you might want to offer up your best selections for the music to carry us all into our night kitchens.

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2 Comments on “Mellowing Your Harsh (Or: The ’70s Represent!)”

  1. Rather a different pace; these guys do _pretty_ in spades. The guitarist gets an amazing sound (from a Gibson Super 400, for any guitar nerds here).

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