Hit ‘Em Again Senator! Harder!

via TPM, this glorious evisceration of CNBC hacks by none other than my senior senator,* the Hon. Elizabeth Warren, (Fighting Democrat-MA)

Moah of this, please.

*True fact that may amuse no one but me.  John Kerry served in the US Senate from 1985 to 2013. Until August 25, 2009 — more than 24 years — he was the junior senator to Teddy Kennedy.  Elizabeth Warren began her term as Massachusetts’ junior US Senator on January 3, 2013.  On February 1, she became senior senator.

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3 Comments on “Hit ‘Em Again Senator! Harder!”

  1. Then again, Sen. Warren has already given us so many reasons to like her more than we ever liked Kerry!

  2. I’m so so jealous of you. In what seemed sensible at the time, I moved my voting residence to CT from MA (after 30 years as an MA native/resident). But I did send Ms. Warren a contribution. Of course, there was a period there, with Mittens and Scotty, when it wasn’t quite as easy to say “Don’t blame me, I’m from MA.” But things are back to normal. HOORAY!

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