Put Bloomberg View on the Publication Suicide Watch List

Presented (almost) without comment:

Washington, D.C.-based writer for Newsweek/Daily Beast and blogger Megan McArdle is joining the ranks of Bloomberg View, where she will be a columnist covering the economy, business, politics and national affairs.


I’m beginning to wonder if Bloomberg View is an experiment in machine-editing, ’cause I just can’t believe a sentient being would make the decision justified by this quote:

“Megan is an extraordinary writer and thinker,” said David Shipley, Executive Editor of Bloomberg View in a morning statement. “Few people have done a better job chronicling the economic, corporate and technological disruptions of the last decade. She’s going to make a lot of readers — those who have followed her for years and those who will discover her at Bloomberg — smarter and happier. We’re thrilled that she’s joining the team.”

Good luck with that.  If Bloomberg readers can count, I just don’t think “happineness” will be the correct emotional descriptor.

I did have another thought:  I’m wondering if McArdle’s finely honed survival skills are in play, in which case we may be getting a leading indicator on the prospects for our Beastly friends.

Reference your favorite McArdle howlers below.  Mine is this one ,brought into new relief by too many tragic events over the intervening years.

Image:  Guido Reni, Cleopatra with the Asp, c. 1630

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3 Comments on “Put Bloomberg View on the Publication Suicide Watch List”

  1. Susan of Texas Says:

    I think you are right about The Beast; McArdle has the finely honed survival skills of a rat on a sinking ship and it seems that this job might have been just a way to save face after leaving The Atlantic.

    McArdle worst post was the one about the school shooting but my favorite was the cooking video. Every bad pundit should do one.

    • Tom Says:

      Yup. That “Kidergartner’s in Miss Pickett’s class…Charge!” routine was special.

      I loved the cooking video. OMIGOD

      • Susan of Texas Says:

        It still makes me laugh. I can just hear McArdle telling herself it would be a great idea because she knows so much about cooking. After all, if you can bluff your way through a post on healthcare, surely you can bluff your way through making a simple cake!

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