Because…Freedom! or Guns Can’t Shoot No NSA Sweep…But They Do Just Fine Against WAGs

Via The American Prospect’s incredibly valuable E. J. Graff, this:


You can have my metadata, but you will pry the projectile fired by my  [firearm of choice] out of my cold, dead partner.

Not to mention this.

This is not to diminish the implications of Osama Bin Laden’s victory — his ability to terrify the US into surrendering willingly what we have long said was worth fighting for.  That’s been coming a long time –see this ProPublica timeline (h/t TPM) for a quick overview of just how we’ve done it to ourselves over the last four decades.  But, I can’t cease getting heart sick at each new anecdote, each new framing of the rolling massacre that takes Americans by the dozens every damn day of the year…every year.

So, for those who declare the 2nd amendment the one sure bulwark against tyranny, I have a question:

Where were you when the surveillance state was forming?  What are you going to do about it now?  What tree, exactly, has been watered by the blood of all the men, women, and children lost to suicide, to partner-murder, to bad luck, to whatever.


Update: On tweeting this post I got a message from Chris Clarke, who made this chart and posted it to his Facebook page almost exactly a year ago.  I’m glad to be able to make the acknowledgement here.

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2 Comments on “Because…Freedom! or Guns Can’t Shoot No NSA Sweep…But They Do Just Fine Against WAGs”

  1. I wish, somewhere, I had written down the remark I have been making for years, that we will end up with the freedom to own firearms and nothing else, so that at least I could take credit.

    Truth of the matter, though, is that it’s not like my libertarian friends do not oppose the surveillance states—they do.

    • Tom Says:

      Your friends may assert opposition — but until I see actual mobilization on the scale of the pro-gun crowd, I don’ t take them seriously in their outrage. The reality is that guns infringe on liberty at least as much as the advance it (all those WAGs have lost all liberty, e.g.). There’s a powerful case within classical liberalism for strong gun regulation. Privacy? Very different, but the headline libertarians always seem to pay lip service to fighting the power of the state to spy on citizens, while defending to the next latte the right to bear arms.

      So the question above: how do you use your weapons to secure your privacy — and the polity’s. The answer — crickets.

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