Chris Hayes And Ta-Nehisi Coates In Conversation

Just to deliver on a promise made in a thread last week, here’s the video of Hayes and Coates talking about Twilight of the Elites at MIT last week.

The whole evening was great, but I have to confess that while I have very little of the fan left in me at my doddering age, it was a true thrill to meet none other than Charles Pierce after the show. This just about captures my reaction.

We only had a few minutes to chat, but I can tell you that his gift for ornate invective is as present in conversation as its is on the page; I wish I could recall his crack about Eric Fehrnstrom (whom he knew when they were both reporters at the Boston Herald) well enough to transcribe it for you.

You shoulda been there.

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One Comment on “Chris Hayes And Ta-Nehisi Coates In Conversation”

  1. Dave Gregoire Says:

    I really should have been there! Thanks for the link, at least you’ve given all of us who couldn’t be there a chance to listen. I’m also envious that you got a chance to bump into Charlie. Having followed him “religiously” through the election season, I’m baffled by his ability to stay sane while consuming so much absolute nonsense.

    -dave gregoire

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