Against Hysteria (Sullignam Style)

Blogger’s note: I frame this post with my own Andrew Sullivan frustration, but I really do just want to enable a random five minutes of fun for all of us.  So don’t think that you have to hate on our man with the beard.  You can, of course, and have at it.  But it ain’t a prior necessary act if all you want to do is hum along with the tune.  No es muss sein in these parts, buckaroos.



Not to pick on our man Sullivan, but there is an alternative to howling that your Knight-In-Shining-Armor-Of-The-Day has failed you.  You might try using a very bully pulpit for the sustained, relentless coverage of (a) improving economic news and (b) the pervasive intellectual and moral dishonesty of Romney-Ryan and the rest of the GOP.*

Also too, some courage, or rather that resilience that comes with taking a moment of pleasure in the midst of the battles we all daily fight.

Now, I have a friend and co-worker, a soprano, who loathes the Ode to Joy — to her it’s a job, and a rough one:  twenty minutes of screaming over a blare of strings, brass and percussion.  But damn if Beethoven-by-street doesn’t make me smile in ways that no amount of Sully-whinging can touch.

You may consider this an open thread.  Flag favorite flash-mob videos in the comments, if you wish.

*To be fair to Sullivan, he does not shy away from excoriating the GOP, nor its ticket. My complaint is with the lack of intensity — by which I mean that kind of relentless repetitive posting that Sullivan has deployed to document Obama’s polling slide.  As I write this, the Dish has on its front page three posts that bemoan that slide.  It has one on the complete nonsense at the heart of Romney’s positions — a piece discussing the jobs “plan” that isn’t.  There are a bunch more that are essentially process pieces — horse race, poll internal analyses and so on.

But Sullivan is not beating the drum for what he says he believes:  that Romney/Ryan form a clear and present danger to the republic [and the world — ed.].  He does pound the skins on what he sees as almost a betrayal by Obama, a crappy 9o minutes out of a four year term.  I do not contest that Obama’s last debate performance last time out was rough and has had really worrying consequences.

But there is no doubt in my mind that without even demanding that we all leap into the hack gap, to flat out pretend that what happened didn’t, still, simply, repeatedly hammering on  what Romney actually says and what it means is not just useful.

It’s a patriotic duty.

At which Sullivan is now failing.


And don’t you forget it.

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