How They Make Fishwrap

I haven’t posted stolen anything from xkcd lately — dropped out of the habit of reading it for while, actually — but a couple of hyperbright young geek friends of mine reminded me of what I’ve been missing.

Hence, just now, as I ponder this morning’s posts from around the web with more stomach for the fray than I can muster today, I stumble on this:

John Maynard Keynes was right, but incomplete.  In the long run we are all dead.  In the medium turn, we are understood as fossils by the kids who just won’t get off my lawn.

What do you plan to forget today?

Edit:  I just noticed that the 1/2 way to oblivion date for the Bush Presidency is scheduled for 2043.  Watching coverage of the GOP effort this year, I’d say Romney’s team is desperately trying to move that date up.

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4 Comments on “How They Make Fishwrap”

  1. Ian Preston Says:

    Is this one of those things that is supposed to make you feel old? I feel mildly rejuvenatedly reassured to discover that we who can remember Carter and Reagan still make up half the population.

  2. Ian Preston Says:

    SRTSA: Some questions are rhetorical. My point was that it works the opposite way for me.

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