Because I am a Kind Man…

…And wish only the best for you all, may I present the Honorable Rick Perry, Governor of the Great (Secessionist) State of Texas, tragically mistaken in his quest for the nearest ZZ Top venue.  (The really good stuff starts around 4:45)

My thanks to Marc Abrahams, best known as the impressario of the IgNobels and the Annals of Improbable Research, for turning me on to this forgotten gem.

(To be fair:  Perry does his job just fine here.  Governating puts all kinds of demands on one’s sense of the surreal, and the man with the hair holds up pretty well.  But still.  It really is a moment of high-camp absurdity.)

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One Comment on “Because I am a Kind Man…”

  1. Ellie K Says:

    That was… incomparable! Did you notice around 4:50 when the photographer with that flash thing on a stalk (didn’t know those were still in use) turned around and looked at the camera, like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing either? Thank you for the alert around mid-point to listen up, I almost wondered if there’d be folk dancing.

    One fine video deserves another. I will leave this for you in gratitude, even if it does not pertain directly to Chanukah. Subtitles are in Russian and Hebrew….”Indian Hava Nagila”

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