Oh, And Another Thing

The price tag for Teahadism on the debt (and John Boehner’s week of kabuki in the House)?

$1.7 billion in extra interest to be paid on this week’s auctioned T-bills, at rates inflated over the prior weeks due to the feral craziness of our friends on the right.

You can pick the program of choice, but to take an federal expenditure I particularly value, that sum would amount to a 25% increase in NSF funding over 2010 levels, now forever forgone.*

Thanks, clowns.

*and yes, I do understand the difference between interest over the life of a loan and a one-year appropriation; this comparison is for scale purposes only.

Image:  Francisco de Goya, The dream of reason produces monsters.  1799 (Per Becca’s suggestion here.)

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