It’s Too Damn Hot — Unprovoked ‘Orrible Pun Dept.

Writing about the follies of his lordship, the Third Viscount of Self-Delusion, brought to mind the terrible pun me old mum* used to relish whenever excessive aristocratic pretension loomed.

It runs like this:

Q:  If a centipede a pint…

…And a millipede a quart,

How much has the philanthropist?

A:  Quite a lot, for he’s a very liberal peer.

That’s what I got.  You?

Oh, and BTW:  this is not punishment; it’s an open thread.

*You may infer from the adjective that me mum is also the late Mrs. Levenson. Woe be the miscreant that misdirected the epithet “old” so carelessly…

Image:  Kuniyoshi Utagawa, The Dragon Princess, 1845.

(In this scene, the Dragon Princess rises from the water to bid Hidesato, standing on the shore of lake Biwa with his bow, to rid the lake of the giant centipede Seta.)


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2 Comments on “It’s Too Damn Hot — Unprovoked ‘Orrible Pun Dept.”

  1. Andrew W Says:

    Q: If Mississippi asked Missouri to wear her New Jersey, what would Delaware?

    A: Alaska!

  2. Taryn H. Says:

    So, you said open thread…

    Did you see this from Megan McArdle?

    In the last paragraph of the post – as an analogy to members of Congress who want spending cuts, but not in their own district – Megan talks about a very large number of east coast progressives she personally knows who are outraged when they discover proposed tax increases on the rich would also apply to them.

    Megan’s clearly inventing sources here. The idea that progressives only support tax hikes because they’re too stupid to know it applies to them is just red meat. I’m sure Megan’s readers love this stuff. But Megan did not refer to progressives generally. She cited a very large number of specific east coast progressives she personally knows.

    It’s virtually impossible that Megan actually knows a very large number of east coast progressives who:

    1) Made just enough income that the proposed tax hike applied to them (they couldn’t have made much more given the cracks in the ceiling and the second-rate vacations).

    2) Made the erroneous assumption that the proposed tax hike didn’t apply to them; and

    3) Upon learning that the proposed tax hike applied to them, reacted with outrage.

    I personally doubt even one or two people spontaneously reacted like a conservative caricature of a progressive. I doubt the cracks in the ceiling. I doubt the second-rate vacation to Nova Scotia. But Megan went even further, claiming she personally knows a very large number of east coast progressives who responded exactly how you would think they would respond if conservatives were making it up (which Megan was).

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