It Hurts Too Much To Laugh…

…And I’m too old to cry:

Via Josh Rosenau’s fine blog Thoughts from Kansas, this video compilation of Miss USA thoughts on evolution seems a perfect comedy/tragedy hit to engross whilst consuming the first of the weekend cocktails:

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Miss Connecticut gets the prize for stating the obvious with no fuss or bother.  As for the rest, I couldn’t stick to it long enough to tally the full march of folly.  Fortunately, Josh kindly provides a complete transcript at the link above, for those gluttonous for punishment.

But of course, this is nothing that a voucher + religious charter school education reform can’t solve.

If the Soviets launched Sputnik today, we’d ramp up to match them with a private sector RFP seeking designs for the flying dinosaur that carried Jesus to heaven.

But I can’t get too worked up on this fine afternoon.  The only question I’m going to tackle is how much lime to put into that lowball glass.


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4 Comments on “It Hurts Too Much To Laugh…”

  1. jre Says:

    While you were composing this fine post, I was off at TAM listening to Josh Rosenau and Eugenie Scott explain how the forces of enlightenment may contain and even (dare to dream!) roll back the advance of ignorance. Great talk. Made me feel significantly less suicidal.

  2. AJ Hill Says:

    It’s appalling to realize how deeply the anti-scientific drivel promoted by the Discovery Institute has penetrated the public consciousness. These young women clearly believe that they’re expressing an enlightened, modern viewpoint!

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