Apropos of Not Much…

…Last night I ran across perhaps the most awesomest example of an utterly unexpected juxtaposition.  Truly, in the list of improbable duets, this beats all, IMHO

And while it is tempting to try some snarkilicious gloss on the title and treatment of the material below, sometimes cigars are just…strange (and delightful)…as here:

<div align=”center”></div>

I invite you to try and top the pure glorious absurdity of this one.

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One Comment on “Apropos of Not Much…”

  1. sherryreson Says:

    Oh my. What a glorious way to start my day. Following the breadcrumbs led me to Pavarotti and Friends singing Hey Jude. In addition to Brown, the ‘friends’ include Sting, Elisa and Andrea Bocelli. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4DDkmdg5o4&feature=related Glorious.

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