When the Hard Rain Comes…

…Gimme Shelter:

(h/t DeLong).

This is another one of those “songs around the world” featured in the Playing for Change documentary.  I got my first taste of this project with this little gem.

But I’m with DeLong on this one:  I never thought this was a song to cover, given how thoroughly Mick and Keef and the rest own it.  But I was wrong.  And on a day within a run of days in which the worst among us seek to deny our connections to each other…well why not a little DFH musical provocation to throw in their shriveled, joyless faces?

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2 Comments on “When the Hard Rain Comes…”

  1. Thony C. Says:

    Awesome! Thank you Thom. The Glimmer Twins are fucking brilliant song writers.

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