A Little Post-Lunch Star P*r*o*n (Entirely SFW)

Have a look at this latest bit of cosmic eye candy to cross my desk:

What with all the wretchedness that comes from too deep an immersion in the craptastic nature of our politics these days, it is sometimes necessary (for me) just to stop, look up, and enjoy the view.

This is an image of the star-forming region Messier 17, alias the Omega Nebula or the Swan Nebula.  It is the first released pic from data taken by the European Southern Observatory’s new survey telescope, the VST.  It’s not large, as modern telescopes go — 2.6 meters in diameter, or roughly half the diameter of the venerable Palomar 200 inch Hale Telescope.  But it’s been designed as an instrument to make surveys of significant portions of the sky with very high resolution and optical/image quality.  The ‘scope boasts active optics, and delivers its photons to what sounds like the coolest instamatic ever made…with initial results as you see above.

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4 Comments on “A Little Post-Lunch Star P*r*o*n (Entirely SFW)”

  1. Andrew W Says:

    Sounds like I should see if my buddy at Chandra (http://www.google.com/search?q=chandra+x-ray) can give you a look around…

  2. BCC Says:

    We are not alone.

  3. TrevorB Says:

    Tom, just to show where the search for life will be going in the next 20years, check out some of the talks from the most recent abgradcon. http://www.abgradcon.org

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