Fry and Laurie Do the Entire 2012 GOP Campaign in 3:30

Via the young Fry and Laurie, the next year of Republican campaigning distilled to its essence:

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This video goes into the dictionary next to the phrase “word salad.”  Sarah Palin clearly took notes.

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2 Comments on “Fry and Laurie Do the Entire 2012 GOP Campaign in 3:30”

  1. Ian Preston Says:

    What is striking, watching this as a Brit, is how pitch-perfectly it captures the Toryism that I grew up with but also how dated it feels. I suspect that Andrew Treadgold is now writing disaffected editorials at the Daily Mail and wondering whether he shouldn’t be voting UKIP. Meanwhile the Tories have dropped “Family Values” from the public repertoire to concentrate on “Further Cuts to Public Expenditure”, now played to the accompaniment of languorous alternative British rock tunes, rather than “I vow to thee my country”, as orchestrated by Phillip Blond and possibly soon to be heard in a transatlantic remix mastered by David Brooks.

    • Tom Says:

      I still can’t get over the horror of our inflicting Brooks on you. I thought drowning your tea all those years ago would have settled all such scores. Alas.

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