Soshalist Obama’s Secret Plan to Bring Kenyan Mooslim Communism To Outer Space

So, in 2010, while distracting the nation with a smokescreen of trivialities like the creation of  death panels to murder grandma in the name of health care reform and the government take over of a reform of the financial system, that relentless enemy of all things capitalist, Barack Hussein Obama, snuck past an unsuspecting public his real plan:  NASA now leads the government take over of the high ground! Yup, the final frontier itself.

Or not, as today’s New York Times reports.

Last year, the Obama administration pushed through an ambitious transformation for NASA: canceling the Ares I rocket, which was to be the successor to the current generation of space shuttles, and turning to the commercial sector for astronaut transportation.

The story focuses mostly on the work of Sierra Nevada Space Systems, which sounds as if it has done a number of very clever things, including leveraging prior work by NASA on a space-plane design (itself derived from a spy-plane photographed Soviet experiment).  That project had been discarded under the former and not-much-missed administrator Daniel Goldin, but Sierra Nevada’s use of the external shape of the earlier vehicle allows them to grab all the wind test data NASA collected before the original project went poof.


What’s this?  Under Obama’s administration, smart and nimble private companies are aiding the government in the achievement of national goals while seeking profit?


Next thing you know, Richard Branson will sign up to handle the passanger trade for the new space hoppers.

Oh wait:

Virgin Galactic, the spacecraft division of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin empire, signed on as a strategic partner in December. Among the possible roles that Virgin could play is selling seats on the Dream Chaser.

That dastardly Obama.   You know he’s not a real American because he’s so damn sneaky.

Image:  Y’all know this one, right.  Anyway:  Vincent van Gogh Starry Night, 1889

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