Decline and Fall Open Thread (Starbucks subvariant)

Belatedly cross posted from Balloon Juice

With the news that the new “Trenta”* size Starbucks will offer exceeds the average volume of the human stomach, I (a) gain the opportunity to say I’m not dead yet to this (very spiffy, suddenly) community…

…and more important, have an excuse to post a couple of really juicy bits of art appropriate to the news.

First, for all of you who may wish to revisit what might have been chemically aided visions of your youth, this:

(Next pic after the jump)

*I believe “Trenta” is Seattitalian for “Anti-Personnel Drink.”

And then, I suppose no kinder to anyone with a dread of flashbacks, there’s this:

Bottoms up all.

Images:  Hieronymous Bosch, “Gluttony,” from The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things, c. 1480

Hieronymous Cock engraving after Pieter Breugel the Elder, The Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Vices – Gluttony, 1558

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9 Comments on “Decline and Fall Open Thread (Starbucks subvariant)”

  1. John Dupuis Says:

    I see a strange synchronicity between the Starbucks Trenta and the new Whisky in a can. Yes, 12 oz cans of scotch-like spirits. Drink some of the coffee out of the cup, poor in the whisky and, voila, the perfect thing for college kids.

  2. chris y Says:

    There used to be a bar in the Plaça Major in Barcelona that sold beer in a glass called a “Campeón”, which held 2 litres. Starbucks is for wimps.

    • Ian Preston Says:

      Two litres is about a fullish yard of ale, traditionally drunk in one go for bets in British pubs (with a world record of eleven seconds once held by the former Australian prime minister, Bob Hawke). A trenta is therefore roughly a half-yard of coffee.

      • Thony C. Says:

        A yard of ale is only about 2.5 pints which is approx. 1.2 litres. The world record for a yard lies under three seconds!

      • Thony C. Says:

        Some corrections: the Google coverter read pints US instead of UK so a yard is 1.4 litres and the world record is under 5 seconds not 3! Sometimes my finger is faster than my brain and mostly my brain doesn’t function at all!

      • Ian Preston Says:

        The yard, unlike the pint, isn’t a regulated measure. What matters is the length of the glass rather than the volume which can vary anywhere from 2.5 pints, as you say, to nearer 4, depending on the diameter of the bulb – that’s why I said a “fullish” yard.

      • Tom Says:

        I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this colloquy.

        And I am indeed impressed by the records here discussed. Even if the Bob Hawke does not hold the current record, still a notable performance.

        Might explain his administration…

  3. yeep Says:

    Only available for iced drinks? I guess Venti sounds better than Big Gulp.

    Why is it whenever I go to Starbucks, there’s always somebody standing at the counter trying to grab other people’s drinks as they’re being served? This person usually has a long line of other orders ahead of them, yet they think that their drink is somehow going to come out first. This morning, a lady sat her snotty child down on the service counter and “taste-tested” two drinks in a row before the barista told her that her order would be up in a few minutes. Seconds later, she grabbed the next drink served and walked out. Turns out it was mine.

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