Make Mine a Manhattan

It seems that an honorary member of the Crow tribe has just signed on with the Black Helicopter brigade and is readying — now, as I write, in some secure undisclosed location (Berchtesgaden?) — the documents of transfer that will (at last!) restore its traditional owners to their rightful enjoyment of just a tiny piece of American soil.

That would be President Obama, getting ready to hand Manhattan back to the descendents of the Native Americans who first sold off the island to the Dutch.

No, seriously.

Via Jillian Rayfield at TPM, we learn that the Obama administration’s decision to reverse Bush era policy and support the U. N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People has so terrified folks that the usual suspects on the right are ginning up the reverb chamber to declare that yes, our Black, Kenyan, Muslim, Crow Usurper has taken the next step to obliterate liberty and subdue Americans terrified and ill-informed elderly white people under the yoke of — who is it this time? Oh yeah, Native Americans (getting in line after African American teenagers on buses, Muslims, Democrats and the Zerg Swarm).*

Rayfield documents the usual suspects getting on board with this nonsense:  the American Family Association (sic.  Not my family–ed.); WND; John Bolton — through whom, of course, our friends at Fox News are chiming in.  Bolton follows the “it would be irresponsible not to…” tack, all the way down to acknowledging the Declaration has no legal meaning in the US…but, but, but, “… there are enough judges who couldn’t care less about strictly applying the law.”

Yeah. Like these guys.

Look, this is fun and all, and yes, people spending even seconds seriously considering the notion that Barack Obama could or would just hand over chunks of the US to whoever he wants need medical help (where are those damn meds, honey?), but as usual, this isn’t about what the folks weighing in so ponderously on Fox say it is.

The Republican Party has only one genuine political goal now:  to destroy Obama’s presidency, and more generally the idea that the Democratic Party is a legitimate party of government.  Which is to say that our Republican friends**  elections in which the other side might actually gain access to power — actual democracy — as an accessory.  Such theater is fine as long it produces the desired result, the GOP on top. When it does not, then it is dispensible.

All of which to say that whatever the Republican party once was it is now a danger to the nation.  It seeks not to govern but to rule for the benefit of its faction, not the country as a whole.

Factio Grandaeva Delenda Est.

*Yup. Proud parent of a ten year old boy…

**The actual party apparatus, of course.  I’m willing to concede that not all Republican voters are thus convinced.  Too many are, I think, but by no means every last one.

Image: Benjamin West, The Death of General Wolf, 1770.

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2 Comments on “Make Mine a Manhattan”

  1. sparky Says:

    Tom–i posted this @ BJ but since it’s really a response to you rather than the usual back and forth there, i thought i would have a better chance of you reading it here:

    unfortunate that this thread devolved into another shouting match. oh well. guess it’s just as well that it’s daid, then.
    anyway, i agree with TL that the Rs have figured out that they can stay in the game by just making stuff up. because to some extent all politics are irrational/emotional, it’s not a bad stratergy [sic]. nor is there anything wrong with mocking them, though it doesn’t seem a particularly effective strategy. nor, for that matter, does mocking those who, for whatever reason(s) don’t swallow the White House party line whole.
    additionally, it is somewhat cavalier to suggest that the Rs are the only party who would destroy whatever is left of the american republic. there is plenty of evidence that the Ds are doing the same thing, just covertly rather than overtly.* no doubt someone will come along and in the usual form of hysterical projection that seems to predominate amongst “regular” Ds, deny that the Ds are not likewise wrecking the country.
    two points in support of my claim:
    partial list UN Conventions not ratified by the US:
    The Law of the Sea Treaty
    The Rights of the Child
    Convention on Eliminating Discrimination Against Women
    International Criminal Court
    Convention on Protection of Migrant Workers
    Prohibition on Landmines
    there are others, i think, but you get the idea.
    second point: the gamed economy collapsed during Bush’s term, but if we look at a slightly longer view, Reagan supplied the dynamite, but it was Clinton who lit the fuse for imploding the economy.
    so, bathing in smug superiority isn’t really in accord with the facts on the ground, so to speak.
    *the foiled bill to allow cross-state notarizations comes to mind here.

  2. Bill Murray Says:

    Hey don’t forget today is the 120th anniversary of Wounded Knee, which many old white people (like me) remember being a battle, which slowly got turned into a massacre. I guess that’s another thing we lost from the past.

    My great-great grandfather (who was 61 at the time)is said to have ice skated up the frozen creek to try to take pictures of the results. Of course he probably also agreed with L. Frank Baum, who wrote in an Aberdeen SD paper (from wikipedia)

    “The Pioneer has before declared that our only safety depends upon the total extermination of the Indians. Having wronged them for centuries, we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth. In this lies future safety for our settlers and the soldiers who are under incompetent commands. Otherwise, we may expect future years to be as full of trouble with the redskins as those have been in the past.”

    That sounds like something Sarah Palin’s ghost writer would write. I think that might make Bristol Palin a Ghost Dancer

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